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Motor Yachts are larger pleasure craft, designed to deliver unforgettable experiences. The main advantage of a motor yacht is their speed and their high speed makes it possible to see and do more in a short period of time. You can get quickly from one destination to another. So you can spend the extra time relaxing on beaches and exploring secluded bays, taking day trips or go snorkeling in clear waters. Besides their speed, great advantage of motor yachts is their stability and security. Other advantages include spacious cabins and head facilities as well as usable deck area and great view from the flying bridge.

These are very powerful vessels, usually equipped with water-sport platforms other amenities providing entertainment, presenting sophisticated technology within navigational and communication systems. Motor yacht charters are great for those with less sailing experience. It is easier to operate a motor yacht than a sailing yacht. Motor yachts usually have stabilizers to help steady the yacht. Their shallow draft allows you to approach some areas sailing yachts cannot reach.

Sailing boat

Sense of freedom, addiction and romance are associated with sailing. Rent a sailing boat and experience the wind through your hair, the taste of salt in the air, while the only sound you can hear are the waves lapping against the bow, as you become one with nature. These are the reasons why people who charter a boat once tend to do it time after time. Being on a sailing boat brings you much closer to your friends and family sharing magical sailing experience, commitments and entertainment.

Sailing allows you to stay in a different location almost every night without re-packing and avoiding crowds while visiting the most popular destinations. You can learn new skills that you will cherish for a lifetime. Also you can learn more about the region while visiting small fishing villages and meeting local people. This sort of vacation permits you to spend much more time in the water, on the beach, snorkeling or just enjoying the experience a new destination offers.


The word catamaran comes from the Tamil language, in which the word catamaran means “logs bound together”. The catamaran was the invention of the fishing community in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, India. Catamarans are the ideal vessels for those searching for a real leisure cruise and also for those looking for fast sailing. Some of the modern designed catamarans are speedy sailboats, ideal for open areas. Catamarans also offer the virtues of roominess, stability and simple handling. Modern catamarans offer all the facilities of a yacht. Include spacious cabins, showers, toilets, and equipped with all the modern utilities.

Some advantages of catamarans include: first of all stability, since there are two hulls the likelihood of having an accident is less. Due to their stability, catamarans are also very easy to maneuver and people travelling on catamarans can avoid seasickness. They make navigation easier especially in shallow waters. If you are planning long distance sailing, certainly you will need the help of a crew. Often people think this means having to take a larger boat but catamarans can easily accommodate 8-10 people or more. Catamarans are extremely spacious vessels, which makes them comfortable for passengers. For all of the above mentioned reasons, catamarans became very popular type of boat. Beautiful to look at, with their low, graceful glide.


Gulet is a traditional design of wooden (handcrafted motor) sailing vessel. Gulets were originally built and used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch. Today, this type of vessel are luxuriously re-designed especially for yachting holidays. They are very popular as a charter vessel. The most common gulets have 4 to 8 double/triple cabins and can accommodate from 8 to 18 passengers. These yachts are very luxurious including air conditioning, very spacious mahogany interiors, teak decks and a large saloon. Large forward and aft decks that are ideal for sun bathing. A crew of at least 3 people will be at your disposal: captain, cook and deckhand.

There are plenty activities and excursions you can enjoy: diving, windsurfing, dolphin encountering, fishing or visiting popular sites and getting familiar with local culture. It is an amazing way to experience Adriatic coastline, exploring hidden bays, secluded harbors and inlets of this unforgettable area.

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