Bareboat charter

Bareboat chartering, just as it sounds, means that no crew is included. It is for guests who want to captain a boat themselves (and still, qualifications are necessary). This means that charter guests are responsible for all aspects of running the yacht. First of all include sailing and navigation, anchoring, cleaning, cooking and of course having fun. You choose your route and plan your schedule! You are obligated to provide a licensed skipper.

When chartering a yacht with no crew, you need to have all the necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove you are able to sail on your own. Valid sailing license or other type of document which will prove you have skills needed for running certain type of boat, also passport is required. Please consult the following link: Skipper Qualifications Required to charter a Yacht. You and your crew (your guests) will be required to provide a security deposit before chartering a boat. Chartering a bareboat gives you complete freedom, independence and privacy.

Skippered charter

Skippered charter is a version of a bareboat charter that includes a professional captain – skipper. If neither you nor your crew members qualify as a licensed skipper, or you do not have enough sailing experience and you feel insecure in your sailing skills, or you are just discovering new sailing destination and you need help, this sort of charter is a great choice for you.

The skipper will take care of daily running of your yacht. He will teach you to sail or help you improve your sailing skills. With his local knowledge he will ensure you an informative and safe sailing holiday. So, you will have the time to swim, snorkel or to enjoy the sun and the scenery. The skipper will make sure your holiday runs perfectly! He could advise you where to find good anchorages, hidden bays that you might not discover on your own. Skipper can recommend you for instance, good local restaurants, nightlife and activities ashore.

When you have a professional skipper on board, you need to provide a separate crew cabin or a berth for him. Besides sleeping place, also have in mind that your obligation is also to take care of the skipper’s meals.

Fully crewed charter

Every yacht can be rented as a crewed charter with a professional full time crew – skipper as captain and your guide, chef or cook, hostess and deckhands. If you are looking for maximum comfort and relaxation, time to really enjoy your holiday while someone else takes care of the boat, operates the boat and prepares beverages and meals, then this is a perfect option for you. By choosing fully crewed charter, in other words, you get maximum comfort and service! Personnel on board will remain at your service! They will ask for your preferences in food and beverages. Your chef will amaze you with the highest quality of food prepared to meet your taste, and also with a touch of traditional local cuisine.

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