Istria is Croatia’s largest peninsula and an excellent starting point for your sailing holidays.  It is placed between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner, where playful and green hills merge into blue waters of the Adriatic. The coast and the islands are both covered with pinewoods and easily recognizable green macchia.

This most developed Croatian tourist region is known for its fairy-tale picturesque little towns in its hinterland, the numerous wine roads and fantastic cuisine, particularly the truffles, but also for its developed nautical tourism. Croatian part of Istria is a center of wine production and extraordinary culinary tradition, famous for its vineyards and truffles. This part of Istria offers a perfect harmony of nature and tourism, a reason why it is known as Croatian Tuscany.

Along its entire western coast, the sailors can visit numerous attractions and historically rich towns, thanks to the many marinas located in almost every one of them. Interesting places to visit on the Istrian peninsula are Novigrad and its lapidarium; Umag; 6th century Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč and the Baroque Church of St. Euphemia in Rovinj as the best witnesses of rich Istrian cultural heritage. On the west coast of Istria cut deep into the mainland is the Lim Bay, also known as “the istrian fjord”, protected as a special marine reserve known for its seafood delicacies – oysters, crabs and mussels.
The amphitheatre in Pula is the sixth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world and one of the best preserved.
Built in the 1st century AD it was used for gladiator battles. The Brijuni National Park is the main pearl of Istria’s natural heritage consisting of 14 islands on which rare plant and animal species live, it is an ideal destination for lovers of golf.

Istria is widely known for its exceptionally pleasant climate, warm and dry summers, mild and pleasant winters. Average amount of sunshine is 2.388 hours. Territory with more than two thousand caves, caverns, chasms and abysses. Nature reserves Brijuni National Park and Nature Park Ucka are legally protected areas. Other interesting places are Lim Channel and wood near Motovun.

Istra region: Rovinj, Poreč, Pula, Novigrad, National Park Islands Brioni


Day 1:   Pula (Marina Veruda) – Brijuni Islands (National Park) – 5NM

Day 2:  Brijuni Islands – Unije Island – 29NM

Day 3:  Unije Island – Mali Lošinj (Lošinj Island) – 5NM

Day 4:  Mali Lošinj (Lošinj Island) – Silba Island – 20NM

Day 5:  Silba Island – Susak (Island of Susak) – 18NM

Day 6:  Susak Island – Pomer – 28 NM

Day 7: Pomer – Pula – 12 NM

Day 8:  Check out


Day 1:  Rovinj – Veruda Bay or Uvala Soline) – 20NM

Day 2:  Veruda Bay – Susak (Island of Susak)- 30NM

Day 3:  Susak (Island of Susak) – Ilovik Island – 11NM – Mali Lošinj (Lošinj Island) – 9NM

Day 4:  Mali Lošinj (Lošinj Island) – Rab (Rab Island) – 19NM

Day 5:  Rab (Rab Island) – Osor (Cres Island) – 23NM

Day 6: Osor (Cres Island) – Pomer 29NM

Day 7:  Pomer – Rovinj – 29NM

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Day 1:  Rovinj – Brijuni National Park – 13NM

Day 2:  Brijuni Island – Pomer – 16NM

Day 3:  Pomer – Pula – 14NM

Day 4:  Pula – Lim Bay – 25 NM

Day 5:  Lim Bay – Vrsar – 7NM – Novigrad – 12NM

Day 6:  Novigrad – Poreč – 9NM

Day 7:  Poreč – Rovinj – 12NM

Day 8:  Check out


Croatia has a long tradition of welcoming sailors with well-developed nautical infrastructure, excellent harbors and anchorages. There are over sixty marinas scattered on the coast, some of which are among-st the best ones in the world. Marina’s facilities are excellent, they include reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, grocery store, parking lot, repair shop, crane, etc. Many Croatian marinas are close to historical towns replete with museums, galleries, palaces and excellent restaurants. Most marinas are open all year long. Thanks to the archipelago that stretch down along the entire coast, the Croatian sea is well protected, and you can find shelter in a safe harbor almost everywhere. You can safely moor in countless secluded natural bays or islets. Today many coves are also equipped with buoys where mooring is charged, important option for at stay at sea is anchoring in the almost countless wild coves, which requires a certain sailing knowledge and skill, but provides real contact with nature and the unique atmosphere of a stay at sea.

The best sailing season in Croatia in general is late spring (April, Mai and June) with temperatures from 22-28 C, possibility for occasional showers; then early fall (September until mid – October) with temperatures from 26-20 C, possibility for occasional showers (from the beginning of October, more frequent rain possible). The sea is calm, pleasant air temperature, warm but not hot, not crowded on the coast. July and August are ideal months for family sailing, swimming, diving, enjoying in nice weather and high temperatures. Summers are warm and dry, temperatures rise up to 35 degrees Celsius, no rain. During these months, the marinas, cities, and some of the islands often are full of tourists, many coming in by cruise ship. If you are looking to travel during this time, it is best to book in advance.

Here are the most important winds on the Adriatic:

The Bora (Bura) – northern wind: a dry, cold, very unpredictable northeasterly wind, blows from the mainland towards the sea in gushes. Visibility after the ‘Bura’ wind is excellent; it clears up the atmosphere, bringing fine weather.

The Sirocco (Jugo) – Southern wind : a warm, humid, southerly wind that blows from the sea all along the Adriatic coast, characterised by very rough seas, usually lasting for three days, or a whole week as well (in the winter season), making the sky grey and particularly cloudy. ‘Jugo’ blows rather strong in Split channel and Split Gate (Splitska vrata), a passage between Brač and Šolta islands; average blows at force 16-20 knots.

The Maestral (Maeštral) – North-western wind: a “good” and friendly wind for sailors, a typical Adriatic summer north-western wind that guarantee a beautiful and stable weather. It generally starts blowing around 9 am, collapses around noontime and regenerates soon as a strong westerly to north-westerly wind that stops in the late afternoon. Its usual force is approx. 16-20 knots.

Tramontana, Levant, Lebić and Oštro are only the variant of above-mentioned winds:

Tramontana – is a strong northern to north-western wind coming over the mountain. Particularities: short duration, arrives suddenly reaching stormy force, causing waves and turbulent, very rough seas. Despite everything is an announcement of better weather conditions.

The Adriatic Easterly or Levant – is an easterly wind that blows during cloudy, humid or rainy weather, cold winter wind that usually brings clouds, frequent in the February-March period, when it can reach stormy force and last for many days.

Libeccio – is a south – western winter wind of short duration, causes poor visibility, generating extremely rough seas and bringing abundant rainfall. Announced by extremely high tides.

Oštro -is a warm, mild to moderate wind blowing from the south, which precedes to Maestral.

Grego – moderate or strong north-easterly wind carrying dry, clear and cold weather.

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This has been the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken. The trip was amazing. Had this trip booked for my fiftieth birthday by my husband, although have never sailed before this was an experience i will never forget. It was challenging but jet enjoyable, romantic and unreal. Many thanks for the service and hospitality we received from you and your team in marina.

Erica Jong (07 Sep 2018)

We have rented a sailing-boat with skipper and hostess and absolutely loved our week! You guys are fantastic! Archipelago charter helped us with planning every detail of the trip. The trip had so many high points; sailing lessons, beautiful beaches, magical Susak, night sky full of stars. Croatia is a wonderful country in every way and we loved it!!! Thanks for everything.

Gail Pierson (25 Aug 2018)

    Thank you so much for this amazing experience, my friends and I had a wonderful time. Fabulous cruising area, great weather, the boat was shiny and spotless 🙂 The charter company's staff were available, friendly, helpful with everything. We are already planning our next trip back to Croatia.

Steven Porter (10 Aug 2018)

Wow, what an experience! Wonderful opportunity to sail and explore Croatia! Fabulous holiday, amazing boat and fantastic weather. Very efficient organisation and friendly communication! Thank you, Archipelago Charter. We appreciate you!

Frederic Ziegler (04 Aug 2018)

Our experience with Archipelago Charter was excellent from start to finish. Boat was in perfect condition, well prepared and equipped, super clean! Damira has been amazing, helpful, super responsive, answering emails even on week-ends. We had a really wonderful 7 day cruise.

Tomas Fedor (20 Jul 2018)

My family and I just finished an awesome sailing adventure with Archipelago Charter. The ship was beautiful and comfortable. Was one of the best holidays we have experienced Split, Vis, Hvar, Solta and Brak... wooow, absolutely awesome!

Anna Blade (07 Jul 2018)

We had the most amazing week sailing in the Kornati islands. The weather was perfect. The best holiday ever, lot of fun with Hrvoje, amazing person, great skipper! Very knowledgeable, easy going, he would always find the best place to swim and extraordinary spots to anchor.

Patricia Borg (02 Jul 2018)

We have rented a sailing-boat through Archipelago Charter. Booking has been very easy. Vesna at the office was efficient, prompt and working hard to meet our expectation. We had a brand new boat, very comfortable - Bavaria Cruiser 51, well equipped, flawless-all. I can highly recommend Archipelago Charter, very friendly and helpful.

Joanna Faye (19 Jun 2018)

Beautiful Croatian islands, stunning coastline - this is one of the most awesome ways to spend a holidays and discover a country, a whole new perspective! I learnt the sailing basics and would happily go back for more. 🙂 Thank you both so much for a great holiday, I will definitely recommend you further.

Doug Taylor (14 Jun 2018)

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